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How to set goals

Goal setting is one of the most beneficial things that you can do in your life. With this activity, you can get greater peace of mind, better productivity and improved focus, better personal growth, increased self-esteem and confidence, and many other things that can improve your private life and career. Now that you know why goal setting is important, it’s time to find out how to set goals.

Identify your final objective

First of all, you must answer one simple question – what do you want to achieve? Keep in mind that it’s perfectly fine to think of objectives that are broad because this is the first step in the process. In any case, you should look for goals that will bring you peace and balance in your life. The goals you are trying to achieve must benefit you and your family.

Prioritize things

When you find the final objective that you want to achieve, you should prioritize things. It is not a good idea to start working a few things at once in order to accomplish the objective. As expected, you will have to complete many smaller tasks/goals to get to the final one. It’s a smart move to divide the goals into three levels – first, second and third level. Obviously, the first-level goals are the most important ones. You should pay special attention to them. For instance, if your first-level goal is to improve your business, your second-level goal could be something like – pay bills on time.

Opt for specific goals

The third step is to make your goals more specific. If the goal remains too broad, you will probably lose motivation and inspiration to achieve it. It’s a well-known fact that people tend to stay focused when they know exactly what they are doing. Now let’s get back to the previous example. Improve my business is a very big and broad goal. Improve sales and cut expenses is better, but you still have to be more specific. Improve online sales via social media and find a cheaper hosting is a good example of a specific goal.

Have realistic expectations

Even if the goal is specific, this doesn’t mean that you can achieve it. For instance, increase your online sales via social media for 200% in one month is not a very realistic goal. You must be realistic and evaluate your current situation before you set specific goals.

Write down your goals

When you believe that you have the right goals, you should write them down in a standard notebook or an online notebook or planner. It’s crucial to keep the list close to you, so you can check your progress from time to time.


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