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Tasks to Delegate to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  • According to an ActiveRain report the realtors that are earning over $100,000 per year are 153% more likely to use the help of an assistant for advertising.

  • Having a real estate assistant can help you increase your revenue even though you’re spending less time on the tasks you used to handle yourself.

  • With the support of one or more real estate virtual assistants you can focus your time on closing deals and meeting clients.

  • The real estate virtual assistants we’re recruiting for realtors like you have worked in the past for Australian, Canadian or American real estate companies or agents.

  • They helped us put together this 62 task list that sums up 80% of the tasks a real estate agent needs to complete.

  • Getting New Clients

  • Prepare seminar materials for you. You could create a free one-hour seminar about what people need to know before buying a house so you could meet now potential clients. Your VA could create the PowerPoint presentation, some handouts, even find and book a space to host your seminar. Order new business cards for you and your team. Your remote worker can collect the contact details of each of your team members, select the design for the business cards, place the order and make arrangements for the printed cards to be delivered to your office.

  • Launch your realtor blog. Your VA can create a WP blog for you, adding a few pages about your team, listings and buying/selling process. When you consider that the moment is right you can just move it on your own domain. Run offline and online ads for you. You don’t have the time to see which online and offline publications from your area allow small businesses and individual contractors to run ads for free, but your virtual assistant can do that for you. And why stop there? Your VA can help design the Ads and manage their publication.

  • Email your old clients to ask them for a referral. Your virtual assistant could analyze your files and indentify a list of your old clients to contact for getting new referrals. You’ll just have to approve the email template that your VA will use. Manage your social media presence. Your virtual assistant can post interesting articles on your Twitter account, links to the newest infographics about property management on your Facebook page and generally curate great content that will attract people who want to sell or buy a new property.


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