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What are the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant versus a full-time employee?

Virtual Assistants are Independent Contractors and do not go through the same employment procedures that a full-time employee would have to undergo; rather you just pay them for services rendered. Certain formalities are still necessary to engage a Virtual Assistant, such as; a contract has to be signed by both parties which lists in detail each party’s responsibilities and expectations, also a reliable means of communication has to be established from the onset. Beyond these formalities, hiring a virtual assistant is much easier than hiring an employee.

Virtual assistants are more dedicated and committed to their quality of work

Virtual Assistants derive their income by being very productive and delivering value to their clients. They provide administrative support which in turn frees up your time to focus on the activities that bring in the most income for your business. Virtual Assistants understand that their revenue is totally dependent on the positive execution of their tasks unlike full-time employees who get paid a salary sometimes times regardless of their effort.

Virtual Assistants use their own office supplies and equipment.

Most Virtual Assistants work from their homes thereby using their own office equipment, you don’t have to pay for office supplies,. Virtual Assistants shoulder such expenses. They have personal equipment such as; computers, printers, faxes and so on to use to provide services to you hence you don’t have to deal with buying or the maintenance of any such equipment.

When companies consider outsourcing processes or tasks to a virtual assistant or consultant, one of the first things they discover is the significant cost savings virtual assistants offer over traditional employees. As all employers with payrolls are painfully aware of, the base wage they pay their employees is only a portion of their actual cost. When you include federal and state payroll taxes, FICA, insurance benefits, vacation pay, equipment, office space and training, the “real” cost of an employee can be over twice their “base” pay. Aside from payroll itself, employee benefits are one of the biggest cash drains on businesses both small and large.

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